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What is a Marble?

So you're a social media ninja. You have accounts with Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pintrest, Twitter and countless others. When you build your profile usually you need to use a picture or graphic to represent you, this is what we call your "marble."

Marbles come from thousands of years of history. They've been found in the ashes of Pompeii and in the tombs of ancient Egyptians, and they were played with by Native American tribes. The earliest examples were simply stones that had been polished smooth by a running river, but for centuries artisans made them by hand from clay, stone, or glass. When the game is played each player has their own unique marble that represents them. This is why we think it is appropriate to use the term to describe your online identity. It is important that you are represented consistently and uniquely.

Your marble should be a representation of who you are and how you want to be seen. It should capture your essence and send a clear message to everyone who sees it .

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