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Discover your unique impression and build a look that represents it

Picture yourself at a party. When you look at each person what comes to mind? Are they cool, smart, attractive, powerful, athletic etc...
Now think about what comes into their minds when you enter the room.
Your personal brand is how others see you.
Make sure you stand out in the crowd.


Why global brand are so successful.

The basics

The most recognizable brands in the world have spent years of research and development to craft a story. They develop a detailed set of principles to live by and ensure consistency so you always experience them the same way.


Logos embody the essence of the companies but they are only the visual trigger to get you to think about everything they do and stand for.




When you see that logo what comes into your mind?


  • Energy

  • Fast

  • Action

  • Pushing the limits

  • Cool

  • Diverse

  • Younge


Your emotional reaction to all the places and activities that Red Bull appears is it's brand. If I asked you what energy looks like or pushing the limits, it would be difficult to say, yet the Red Bull logo represents these abstract emotions.


When it comes down to it, Red Bull is a beverage manufacturer, but because of their association with events such as X-games, auto racing, extreme skydiving etc. their brand stands for so much more than just a beverage.


Red Bull has a great logo but their brand is far beyond just that. All the sites, sounds, activities and personalities that pop into your head when you see thier logo is what makes it a brand.


The same can be said for the dozens of brands you see every day.


The difference from corporate branding

and why it matters

You may have never thought of it this way but you have spent your entire life developing your own brand. How you dress, what you like, what you talk about is all a part of your brand.


In today's world your brand is being seen by more people than ever. The online world is full of places to express yourself and your comments and posts are being viewed by everyone from friends and family to employers, educators and so on.


The way you express yourself and the way people interpret it are all part of your brand. It's not only the content, but your tone and manner that speaks volumes about you. Corporations spend so much time and money ensuring their message is consistent and true to them. Have you given any thought as to what you want to say and how you want people to respond to you? Creating a personal brand and using it consistently gives you credibility and shows confidence in your message. When people see it they already have a good idea of what you represent and the values you hold.


We all have brands that we trust and like. Maybe you use Apple devices, wear Lucky Brand jeans, drink Red Bull etc.. This communicates your connection to other brands but doesn't define who you are. Your own personal brand gives you the opportunity to start the conversation from a place of strength. It can add to your professional and confident look. Instead of just being defined by the clothes you wear or devices you use, people will have a much clearer understanding of who you are.


Identifying your essence

An essence is the foundation on which a brand is built. It should be the first reference point when deciding how and what to communicate through your brand.


To discover your brand essence you need to understand what values you associate with. Values are what drive and define everything you do. They’re the guiding principles you use when making decisions. Your values play a role in every decision you make about your life, even if it's not always the right one. It is important to be honest about the values you truly believe in and by which you live your life. The more truthful you are the more authentic your brand will be. They indicate who you are and what you want the world to know about you. 


Another key component to your brand essence is passions. Passions are the things that you like to do with your time. Some of your passions may overlap with your values, but they generally serve a different purpose. For example, you may value creativity and your passion is painting. Though value and passion overlap a value tends to be an emotional attribute where as a passion is an activity.


Your personal brand should be a reflection of the values you represent and the passions you follow. Together they form a foundation on which to build. 


Below are 14 distinct brand essences built on sets of values. You will notice that an essence is stated as an abstract idea and not a set of rules. This is by design. It is important that a brand essence has clear direction but still leaves room for interpretation. As we move into the design phase of brand creation having the flexibility to explore options in a specific direction leads to building a unique brand that best represents you. This is where your passions and purpose come into play and gives the designers a more complete idea of the message you want to communicate.


Take the time to go through the different brand essences and see which one best represents you.

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