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Am I a Brand or a Product?

It’s a big jump in the life span of your Brand. Generally, a Brand will begin life "supporting" a product – by doing so, it gives meaning to the product and aids in the development and conversion of Brand carriers (assuming the experience is positive).

At some point, as a product becomes a "product range", a decision around the Brand must be made – “are we a Brand? – or are we a manufacturer of products?”

Unfortunately, in over 85% percent of cases, this decision comes far too late in the Brand lifespan – people will try to evolve or twist their Brand to suit an established path – without considering the future damage based on past poor "forward looking". This snap decision process will lead to confusion and lack of confidence in the consumers eye’s - eventually revenues will diminish.

A Brand must be allowed to grow as directed by its overseer’s, forward thinking and market needs. Without a proper growth plan, the Brand will fail, as will revenues. All this can be avoided if decisions are made early on the path of the company, product and Brand.

Truly a Brand that supports itself will allow for the maximum growth with a company's product line – don’t support the product, support the benefit. This will allow for maximum exposure and indicates superior confidence in both the product range and Brand – people who purchase a Brand rather than a product – will carry the message and become disciples.

This methodology will require an investment in time, effort and money – however future revenues will far outweigh the initial investment. The next time you’re buying a MAC – ask, are you buying a computer or a Brand?

The answer’s obvious!

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