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The Employer's Next Step

So you've done it, a successful interview at the job of your dreams. You were confident, calm, had all the right answers and now that it's over you can relax and hope for the best.

What about the person who interviewed you and their colleagues that are interested in knowing more about you? The chances are they're going online to find out more about you. So what are they going to find? Are they going to find out the information you want them to see? And what kind of impression is it going to leave about you?

Personal branding is all about projecting the person you want people to see. It's also ensures you control the impression and its consistency.

So what should they see?

First of all you should be easy to find and recognize. This is where a strong personal identity, or Marble as we like to call it, is key. If your marble is on your CV and shows up consistently online then they will have no problem making the connection back to you. Whatever you put online they're likely to see so make sure you're willing to stand behind it. An online presence means you're letting anyone have access to you. Everything from photos, posts and even what you've liked is fair game. I'm not saying that you need to hide who you are, I'm saying own it. Being true to yourself and give them the tools to form the right impression of you.

In the end you will get more respect for letting people see who you really are then relying on one conversation where your answers are polished and what they want to hear.

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